Health Protocol

Health protocol and hygiene measures 

Protocole sanitaire


The Hotel Montfort has chosen to comply with the public health and implantation measures to protect the health and safety of our guests and members of our team. We would like to share with you the hygiene measures implemented which reinforce our already very high standards: 


Contactless arrival and departure: we have modified our reception process to ensure contactless arrival and departure. We have also installed protective screens at the reception. 


Physical distance: clear signs have been put in place to ensure compliance with the physical distance recommended in the common areas. 


Hand sanitizer: we have installed sanitizer dispensers in several places in the hotel, including the main entrance, reception and various access points to common areas. 


Strict hygiene measures: we have cleaning products and protocols to effectively fight viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. 


Safe rooms: For the duration of your stay, no one other than you will enter your room to ensure that your room is safe. In accordance with the guidelines, all rooms are left empty within the recommended time before being cleaned and reassigned to comply with the cleaning protocol. 


Public spaces and common areas: we have increased the frequency of cleaning and of all public spaces, particularly for the most used surfaces. 


Staff training: employees received training on health protocols related to COVID-19, including hand washing in accordance with the recommended method. The wearing of personal protective equipment (mask, gloves) is compulsory for employees whose position requires it. 


Rest assured that we are always on the lookout for information issued by the government and that we will update our protocols according to the evolution of directives and public health directives.